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Five words from [livejournal.com profile] jetlagjen

If you want some, comment and I'll do my best...


Gilbert & Sullivan have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. Having been introduced to their operettas by my mother, as a teenager I then joined a choral society who specialised in performing their works. It probably sums up my experience as a teenager that I spent more time with people old enough to be at least my parents, and in some cases my grandparents, singing songs written in the previous century! I still love the music, and the lyrics are in turns spectacular, and spectacularly awful (enough to make McGonagall shudder).


A strange one this; although I am old enough to remember it from childhood, I don't actually remember ever watching it then. I was introduced to Bod by my husband, who is strangely obsessed by the little boy in the yellow dress, and has inspired the name of our annual summer get-together with friends (the bod-b-que). Having sat through the DVD on numerous occasions, I think I have to state a preference for Alberto frog though


The hardest thing I have ever done, or am ever likely to do. Every day seems to bring a new challenge, or problem to be solved, while the advice available seems to be either non-existant or completely contradictory. I don't think I'd appreciated just how much toll the continual nature of it can drag on you; when it's someone else's child you're only ever 'on duty' for a fixed period of time, where with your own it just never ends. This sounds like a list of complaints, but motherhood has also been the best thing I've ever done; there's nothing to beat the feeling of two small arms coming round your neck, or hearing 'I love you Mum' for maiing everything else in the world feel insignificant.


I guess this is because I now live in the 'South'. I've found that the stereotypes are both true and untrue; despite living in one house for nearly seven years, I think we only really 'know' one set of neighbours, and wouldn't even recognise most of the others if we saw them elsewhere. This is partly a product of not working close to where we live, and partly because a lot of the local houses are lived in by people some years older than us. There isn't a 'local' pub as we're on a relatively new estate so there was no way in to a social circle that way either. Having said that, the main 'problem' I have with being in the south is the distance to family; when you don't go for coffee, but for the weekend it takes much more planning to see anyone. Would I move back north? In a heartbeat if it didn't mean losing the good points of life here; the nice house, the good school for my daughter and a challenging job that still allows a balance to 'home' life.


Not sure why this is one of the words I've been given; hope is what you have left when everything else has gone. It can be hard to find at times, and although 'hope for the best and expect the worst' probably sums up my view on life these days, it's much harder to concentrate on the first part.

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